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Noi Quattro opened its doors!

I’m here to talk about my latest pizza mission.

If you’ve been following these foodventures, then you know I adore Proove, but it’s in West Didsbury and sometimes you just want a pizza without having to hop on a tram for 25 minutes.

When looking for alternatives in town, I went to the place everyone always recommends: Rudy’s pizza. Turns out that we had a fab experience, and one that was less than ideal, so you can imagine why I’m not completely sold on that one just yet.

Just recently, and thanks to Anna from It’s a Bloggers World, I was introduced to Noi Quattro, a new pizza place (from the same owners of the well-loved and highly recognised restaurant: Pasta Factory) and I’m here to tell you that this I’ve found a new favourite in town.


I’m incredibly happy to say that this is one of those places that make me want to come back instantly.

From the moment you enter the restaurant, you can feel a nice vibe and a welcoming staff, which makes the ideal first impression, if you ask me.

We’ve been two times already (and I only discovered the place last Thursday!), and being as obsessed with pizza as we are, I can already tell you we’ll be visiting Noi Quattro frequently in the future.


Pizza at Noi Quattro, Manchester

Left top: Burrata. Left bottom: Cuoppo di Mare. Right: Bufala e pomodorini pizza.

The food was absolutely amazing.

They have cuoppi, which are paper cones filled with delicious foods that you can share while you wait for your pizza to arrive. They have one with cheese and veggies, one with just veggies for those that are on a plant-based diet, and our favourite: one with seafood.

We also tried their burrata (if you’ve seen my ‘blogger fails’ highlight on Instagram, then you know about this!) and loved the combination with cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinegar. You can’t go wrong with a simple dish as long as the ingredients are fresh.

For pizza, I’ve had the Bufala e pomodorini, a white based pizza topped with fresh buffalo mozzarella and cherry tomatoes (a.k.a. a cheese lover’s dream) and Gabs tried the Napoli, which is a cheese-less pizza topped with some of his favourite Italian ingredients: capers, olives and anchovies.

Both pizzas were absolutely amazing, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were massive, compared to the other ones we’ve had in town in the past. Next time, if we go with some starters, we might end up sharing a pizza for the two of us.

Unfortunately, I’ve never had room for dessert, but maybe next time I’ll try one (and share everything with you, of course!). I’m sure anything we get will be just as good as all the other things we’ve tried so far.


I can’t recommend this place enough. If you, just like us, love pizza, then you need to pay Noi Quattro a visit ASAP. And please, if you do, make sure to send me a picture! I’d love to know your thoughts and see what you guys get 🙂

Thanks for reading me and please make sure to come on Thursday for a fun post, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!




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Inside the new Northern Quarter pizzeria – where you can sit on SWINGS

Noi Quattro opens today on High Street, from the team behind The Pasta Factory.

The Italian pals behind Shudehill pastificio The Pasta Factory know their dough – and now they’re proving it with their new pizzeria, Noi Quattro.

Translating to ‘the four of us’ – namely Paolo Gaudino, Elisa Cavigliasso, Alberto Umoret and Daniele Bianculli – the new Smithfield Square restaurant serves a simple menu of Neapolitan pizza and cuoppi – cones full of fried street snacks found in the south of Italy.

Two giant, dual wood and gas fired ovens take pride of place in the open kitchen, blasting the slow-proved dough at 400°C for 60 to 90 seconds to give a chewy, charred crust.

Diners can sit at the ceramic-tiled counter to watch the pizzaioli at work or test their balance after a glass of wine on the swing-seat table at the centre of the restaurant – bound to be the most sought-after spot in the house.

The menu features a range of rosse (tomato-based) and bianche (white) pizzas, with toppings ranging from simple marinara and margherita to tris di funghi (San Marzano tomatoes, garlic, porcini, chestnut and portobello mushrooms) and montanara (mozzarella fior di latte, Italian sausage, wild broccoli and smoked scamorza cheese).

Like at The Pasta Factory, vegans are well catered for with options including the avezzanese (roasted potatoes, onions and rosemary) and dall’orto bio (San Marzano tomatoes, grilled courgettes, aubergines and peppers).

The friends have recruited three chefs from Naples, who have also worked at Ancoats’ acclaimed Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza, and hope their pizza will compete with the best in the city.

“We saw that here were already a couple of good pizzerias in Manchester – none of them run by Italian people but really good – and the demand for this type of pizza was quite high,” said Paolo.

“In the two or three other places where the pizza is good there were long queues, you had to wait a long time, so we thought there was a possibility to increase the offering.

“We wanted to present a really good, simple pizza and we also have the cuoppi, which is more like a street food, but is typical of the restaurants in the south of Italy, and you cannot find really easily here in England.”

The fried snacks include whitebait, calamari, salted cod, zeppoline (dough balls) and courgette flowers, and a selection of nibbles and salads completes the concise menu.

“We want to keep the same positive things from The Pasta Factory – being Italian, fresh, not a posh place, and the simplicity of it,” said Paolo.

“There, we just do the fresh pasta and we try to do the best fresh pasta. In this place we just want to do pizza in this style, but we’re not going to do pasta or rice or meat or other stuff.

“That was the old style, maybe the Italian restaurants that opened here a few decades ago, they used to do everything, or the chains you see now do a bit of everything. But we think to do one thing really good, you’ve got to do one thing and do it well.”

To wash it down there’s a range of Italian craft beers from breweries including Menabrea, Baladin, Brewfist, Amarcord and San Paolo, along with wines by the glass, carafe or bottle and a classic cocktail list.

Prices start from £4 for the cuoppi while pizzas are priced from £6.50 to £12.

“We try to keep the prices affordable for everyone; we didn’t want to make a posh place,” said Paolo.

“A pizzeria in Italy is something affordable for everyone, it shouldn’t be something expensive.”

Noi Quattro opens today at 120 High Street. Bookings are available at noiquattro.co.uk .

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‘First Independent Wood Oven Pizzeria From Italians’ Opening in Manchester

A group behind a popular city centre eatery are branching out with a pizza restaurant.

The Pasta Factory’s been a hit since it opened in Shudehill in 2015, and now the four Italian directors are set to expand with an authentic Italian pizzeria in the Northern Quarter.


Noi Quattro – meaning ‘us four’ – declares itself the ‘first independent Italian wood oven pizzeria in Manchester owned and run by Italians’.

The venue, at One Smithfield Square, is entering a market that boasts some incredible competition, including Double Zero, Rudy’s – set to open a second branch – and Honest Crust, to name a few.

But The Pasta Factory – the first Italian pastificio in Manchester – has a lot of fans.



Venue set, it’s said to be opening in October.

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Manchester’s Pizza Scene is about to get even better with Noi Quattro

People queue for hours almost any night of the week for Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza , while Honest Crust regularly sells out due to huge demand.

These two – together with Proove , Ply and Double Zero, depending on who you ask – are regarded as some of the best pizzerias in the city, but there’s a new restaurant set to launch in Manchester.

Noi Quattro will open in the Northern Quarter, and not content with just getting a slice of the action, manager Davide Rinaldi hopes it will be among the best in the city.

“Considering we are Italian… we strive for perfection, even though it’s not of this world” he says. “We will try to give a panorama of what a pizza should be like and is like in Italy.”

“It’s proper pizza, with proper products, cooked the right way.”

They have one simple rule for making the perfect pizza – and are planning on sticking to a tried an tested formula.

“Generally the rightful pizza is the Neapolitan way – that is cooked between 70 and 90 seconds, in high temperature wood fired pizza oven.

“The idea is to make proper Neapolitan pizza. We know better the pizza from the south and we’ll start with that and see where it goes.”

The team have already earned a reputation for great Italian food with their first venue The Pasta Factory – a small, homely restaurant which opened on Shudehill in 2015, and has received high praise from local critics.

Noi Quattro – which means ‘the four of us’ – will be run by the same directors of Pasta Factory; Daniele Bianculli; Elisa Cavigliasso; Paolo Gaudino; and Alberto Umoret.

Based in One Smithfield Square Building, 120 High Street, in the Northern Quarter, the pizzeria will have a modern interior, with the focus on on a dual wood and gas fired oven – although gas will only be used in real emergencies, Davide assures.

The full menu is still being finalised, but visitors can expect mostly Italian ingredients, and pizzas pitched at the same price point as Rudy’s and Ply, explains Davide.

And Pasta Factory fans can expect a similarly well curated wine list, if a little smaller.

“It’s all Italian beers – to help smaller and bigger Italian brewers to be known. There are some very good brewers in Manchester, it’s just that we want to be like Italian oriented, so we have Italian drinks as well.

He adds: “If people like pizza, they should give us a shot. As with pasta, there were places that served pasta but no one was doing what we wanted to do.

“We’re going to be doing something that no one is doing yet, and so as people who love pasta have appreciated us, we think people who love pizza with appreciate us too.”

Noi Quattro should be open by the end of October. www.noiquattro.co.uk

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