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NQ Wine Club 2022

Thursday, March 17th, 2022

The NQ Wine Club meets every month at Noi Quattro.  It’s a social event, an informal tour of Italy’s wine regions.  Discovering a land where regional differences are still vibrantly alive and uncovering the rich connection between history, tradition and cuisine.  Featuring, in the main, indigenous grapes and showcasing food from Noi Quattro and The Pasta Factory; stimulating discussion and debate. 

It can often be tricky knowing what wine to serve with what food. Is this white wine suitable for serving with spaghetti carbonara? No definitive list or guide details what wine must be served with a certain meal.  In many restaurants a sommelier will help guide you through this minefield if you are unsure.  Some wines compliment foods and flavours more than others.  However, at the end of the day its very much a matter of personal taste so our evenings are informal.  A social gathering rather than a class; not only a voyage through Italy but also a personal journey exploring what works for you.

What can I expect?

A glass of Prosecco awaits your arrival followed by four wines chosen and introduced by our host 

Gary Newborough and paired with dishes from The Pasta Factory and Noi Quattro. Supported by tasting notes these evenings are designed as an introduction for wine enthusiasts and the wine curious. 

Entry by ticket only bookable on Eventbrite.

Private Events

We also run private events for groups from 12 to 24. to build teams, celebrate success and entertain staff and clients or family and friends. NQ Wine Club events are a great way to get people together.  Our host keeps the pace up and the mood light-hearted. Everyone has a great time, whether they are wine curious, wine novices or more knowledgeable.  Our events are lively and engaging, everyone is encouraged to participate and nobody’s opinion is wrong.

Events generally last 1-2 hours, generally held at Noi Quattro We provide the food (special dietary requirements included), the wine, the host and tasting notes.

We tailor what we do to meet your needs – the number of people you want to invite and your objective for the event.  Just contact us to discuss your requirements or make a booking.

Networking with Wine – is a great way to get a big group of people to mingle and meet, as they move round the room tasting different wines.

Tagliere and Wine – A selection of 3 different regional meats and 3 cheeses served with our homemade bread, sunblushed tomatoes & olives and 3 specially selected wines.

Prosecco Tastings – An introduction to Prosecco, including a glass of prosecco and three prosecco based cocktails and an interactive demonstration of making them; includes savoury & tasty mix of traditional Neapolitan deep fried bites & vegetables.

La Dolce Vita – For those with a sweet tooth traditional Italian desserts Cantucci, Panna cotta Tiramisu, Torta della Nonna paired with 3 dessert wines.


Sunday, March 13th, 2022

Artist biography


Filippo Bosso was born in Ayas in 1952 and lives in Piedmont.

Passionate about photography since he was a boy, he refined his shooting technique and his methods in the darkroom working as a student in a photographic studio. His professional activity then developed into other areas and led him from the beginning to visit and learn about various countries, especially in Europe and North America. From 2000 he started going to China for work, where he then moved and lived from 2010 to 2015.

He never abandoned his studies and his passion for photography, which led to the development of numerous photographic series that are completely different from each other but united by minimalist, elegant and clean formal research.

The desire for perfection and stylization is an essential element in photographic images. Bosso chooses in his work to eliminate the superfluous, confusion and unnecessary complications, to rearrange the mind, according to a perspective of sober life, in some ways detached from material things. Not only that, it invites us to concentrate on doing less and doing it well, instead of doing more assuming it is better, it makes us less dispersive, more determined and more present.

By letting the observer complete the scene in his mind, the photographic images create a sense of mystery and are able to arouse emotions through simplicity, leaving room for the spectator’s creativity, pleasantly forcing him to look beyond the obvious and imagine the hidden. Bosso makes us discover how with effective effects of lights and shadows in black and white the beauty of both the sinuous shapes of the lotus leaves and the rigorous geometries of modern architecture can be drawn and how the nature of certain landscapes does not require words or spectacularization. , since they are already something great. As last year CRAG decided to exhibit the works of Daniel Pype, also on this occasion with Filippo Bosso we have chosen to show photographs that for us have a quid pluris that excites us, suspends us in a hidden time, stimulates and inspires us beauty. They are the result of an attentive, intelligent and fine mind and we are sure that the visitor will also perceive their essence.

Instagram @filippobosso

Noi Quattro, 120 High Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1HQ