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Manchester’s best pizza restaurants and bars – by Manchester Evening News

Thursday, March 14th, 2019

The Italian pals behind Shudehill pasta restaurant The Pasta Factory know their dough – and now they’re proving it with their new pizzeria, Noi Quattro.

The Smithfield Square site serves a simple menu of Neapolitan pizza and cuoppi – cones full of fried street snacks found in the south of Italy.

Two giant, dual wood and gas fired ovens take pride of place in the open kitchen, blasting the slow-proved dough at 400°C for 60 to 90 seconds to give a chewy, charred crust.

The menu features a range of rosse (tomato-based) and bianche (white) pizzas, with toppings ranging from simple marinara and margherita to tris di funghi (San Marzano tomatoes, garlic, porcini, chestnut and portobello mushrooms) and montanara (mozzarella fior di latte, Italian sausage, wild broccoli and smoked scamorza cheese), plus plenty of vegan options.

Diners can sit at the ceramic-tiled counter to watch the pizzaioli at work or test their balance after a glass of wine on the swing-seat table at the centre of the restaurant – the most sought-after spot in the house.

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Noi Quattro – A Review by Daisy Grey

Sunday, February 24th, 2019

Manchester is slowly becoming renown for its Pizza. Whether you love classic Neapolitan pizza or pizza with a modern twist, Manchester has it all. The most infamous being Rudy’s Pizzeria. For a while they have been the kings of pizza in Manchester, but I’ve found somewhere, that definitely gives them a run for their money!

Noi Quattro is one of the newest additions to the Northern Quarter. It’s tucked away on High Street in between the Cat Cafe and Mackie Mayor in the modern part of the NQ.

Don’t let the modern outside fool you, inside they have managed to create a paired back and simple pizzeria with the concentration on good food. The menu is exactly what you would want from a Napoli style pizzeria, Cuoppi, Scugnizzielli and of course …Pizza!

Over the past couple of years my boyfriend and I have been lucky enough to try nearly all the pizza on offer in Manchester from Honest Crust, Purely Pizza to Rudy’s and I can safely say that Noi Quattro is one of the best!

Whilst it does offer classic Neapolitan pizza, one thing about Noi Quattro that gives them an edge over the rest is that they actually cater to Vegetarians. My boyfriend recently became a vegetarian and this unfortunately means that Rudy’s is no longer somewhere we can eat tougher, as they no longer offer the option of vegetarian mozzarella. Well, Noi Quattro thankfully does!

So, if your looking for a beautiful place to eat in the city centre, which is relaxed, affordable & delicious then make sure you stop by this gorgeous pizzeria.

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Where to find the best pizza in and around Manchester

Saturday, February 9th, 2019

It’s National Pizza Day – although surely every day is Pizza Day….

NEVER mind Valentine’s day, it seems to be pizza that we’ve all really fallen for. A recent survey has revealed that almost half UK take-away orders are pizza. But what is it about the relatively simple discs of dough, tomato sauce and mozzarella that make us so very happy?

Below we’ve put together a handy guide on where to find the best pizzas in and around town. Many have won awards, some have trained with the finest pizza chefs in Naples, and all are guaranteed to give carb-fuelled satisfaction.


This pizzeria, slightly hidden away in Northern Quarter, was opened last August by four young Italians – Elisa, Alberto, Paolo and Daniele. Having already carved out a reputation for hand making the city centre’s finest fresh pasta at The Pasta Factory, the four amici (Noi Quattro translates as ‘we four’) have turned their hands to Italy’s other main culinary export in a 100-cover restaurant space a short burrata throw from their original in Shudehill. “We were all missing the feel, the buzz of a true Italian pizzeria – so we thought ‘let’s just open our own’,” says Elisa.

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DOVE MANGIARE PIZZA – Pizza Locator – Blog

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019

Noi Quattro – Pizzeria
Dal sito web:

“NOI QUATTRO simply means “the four of us”. Noi Quattro will be the first traditional PIZZERIA ITALIANA in Manchester owned and run by Italians. Four friends: Elisa, Alberto, Daniele and Paolo – hence the name.

The initials NQ is also a play on the name of the location of the restaurant; the Northern Quarter, a lovely area in Manchester city centre where we all live, and wanted to open our pizzeria.

Our goal is to bring the tradition and atmosphere of an authentic Italian pizzeria to Manchester! We strive to provide excellent service and have great communication with our customers. This is fundamental to us and forms an integral part of our daily procedures. We love high quality food and drinks. We love sharing stories about the people who produce food, beers and wine, and about where these products come from.“

Noi Quattro – Pizzeria si trova in 120 High St, Manchester M4 1HQ, Regno Unito


Contemporary Drawing with Jasmine Walne by Galleria Quattro

Thursday, January 3rd, 2019

Explore your creativity and learn a new skill with mcr based artists in our new evening classes.

After work art school is for everyone who wants to get creative in a relaxed and sociable atmosphere.

Our winter programme presents collage, textiles, printing and drawing sessions with 4 different professional artists.

The 2 hours workshop class includes all materials, a pizza and a glass of wine or beer to get your creativity flowing.
£25 per person for a max 20 people per session.

To book your place in advance:
Group bookings are welcome.
Drop in is possible and payable on the night if places still available.


For more info


Friday, December 7th, 2018
Amy Cully Steele
Amy Cully Steele
Amy has a penchant for words, grammar and sounds. She is blissful when immersed by the city, and enthuses about mixology, culture and travel. She integrates her passions to produce and organise content across hospitality and current affairs.

Sometimes it’s OK to believe the hype. Noi Quattro is the perfect example of when high expectations are exceeded by the kind of reality that doesn’t actually feel real.

If you live in or around Manchester, you’ll have heard about the new pizza place opening in the Northern Quarter. You’ll have heard how it’s Manchester’s first independent pizzeria. You’ll know it’s run by four actual Italians (The name translates to ‘The Four Of Us). You’ll have heard all about its authentic pizza ovens.

It’s all fabulous stuff, but have you heard how good the pizzas actually are? Most of us claim to be Italian at least in part. So I implore you to think of your ancestors next time you sit down to the kind of doughy deep dish, mass topping, mozzarella/cheddar overload monster that we Mancunians have been forced to accept over the years.

Don’t get me wrong…sometimes, you need to do it American style. (We love you Crazy Pedros)

But don’t fool yourself into thinking that this is the true pizza experience in the glory with which it was intended by the Neapolitans all those years ago. Only when you bite into that first slice of Spinata and experience the bite of the spicy salami and fresh chilli, somewhat evened out by the crispness of the base and sweetness of the tomato, will you experience pizza how it was intended to be.

Gone are the days of the pizza belly. Noi Quattro specifically mix their dough so that it is easy to digest. In their words, it’s ‘Good ingredients on good dough.’

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Noi Quattro Pizzeria Vegan Review

Friday, November 16th, 2018

Noi Quattro is a traditional Italian pizzeria, opened by four friends, hence its name which means ‘The Four Of Us’.   The Northern Quarter, my favourite part of Manchester, known locally as the NQ is home to Noi Quattro, so they really were made for each other.   Noi Quattro’s sister restaurant is The Pasta Factory at Shudehill which I reviewed here, so I knew there would be plenty vegan options and I was not wrong.



They have spent a long time getting Noi Quattro up and running, importing everything from Italy, including the two magnificent pizza ovens, handmade in Napoli.


The menu is concise, with the main event obviously being pizza and it is fabulous to see so many options for vegans and also vegetarians.





I love wine especially from Sicily, so I ordered a bottle of Zisola, made by the Mazzei family, in a vineyard dating back to 1435.   I emailed to say how wonderful the wine was and received this detailed reply and their thoughts on producing vegan friendly wines.



I ordered olives to share, with starters of Verde salad for me and Cuoppo for Steven and what fabulous dishes they proved to be, so colourful, fresh and tasty.




Then onto my favourite food of pizza, an Avezzanese and Tris di Funghi, so we could have half and half.   Noi Quattro are passionate about their pizza, the base is simply just flour, yeast, salt and passion, with the dough taking two days of slow fermentation to make, so easy to digest and cooked in ninety seconds, in those awesome pizza ovens.




There is no need to say anything really, that last photo says it all, the pizzas were scrumptious, just the right amount of toppings, a top notch base, slightly stretchy with a wonderful sourdough smell.  The base had risen around the edges, like soft pillows of dough, that melted in the mouth, with its characteristic leopard spot markings.   I was in pizza heaven literally, I could not fault it.

I finished with a Caffe Doppio, a double espresso, even though I do not drink caffeinated coffee normally, but the temptation was too much, it was gorgeous and powerful.


So did Noi Quattro meet my expectations, well it surpassed them, I am a pizza addict and know my pizza and the competition in Manchester is fierce, as to who makes the best pizza in the city.   I think I just found my number one spot and am already looking forward to my next visit.   Highly recommended.
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We head to the NQ to quiz Noi Quattro

Friday, October 26th, 2018

If it’s a taste of Italy you’re after, head to the Northern Quarter, where the team behind The Pasta Factory are also delivering pizza at Noi Quattro. With properly trained pizzaioli, traditional Neapolitan techniques, authentic Italian ovens and ingredients, and delicious new-to-you genuine street food dishes like Calzoncello, Cuoppi, Zeppoline and Scugnizzielli, there really is no substitute. We popped in to find out more…

 ManCon:The Pasta Factory is all about handmade pasta – was it a natural step to focus on pizza for your second restaurant?

Noi Quattro:Yes, actually it was. Obviously the most important and traditional dishes in Italy are pasta and pizza. We focused in the last three years on providing an authentic and fresh handmade pasta, and our customers really appreciated it and a lot frequently asked us why we wouldn’t add pizza to our menu. We always answered that we wanted to focus on one type of food and try to do our best to offer the best pasta. We’ve never been big fan of large menus with hundreds of dishes. We believe in the concept of a small menu with fresh dishes. Anyway, taking into account the requests of our customers and considering we love pizza, we decided to open a traditional Italian pizzeria following the same principles of The Pasta Factory: high-quality fresh ingredients, small and authentic menu, and good service!

Img 7931

ManCon:But all pizzas are not made equally. What is it that makes the pizza at Noi Quattro’s so special?

Noi Quattro:Our flour, our ingredients, our ovens and our pizzaioli! We use only a particular flour that nobody else in Manchester uses: Flour Petra from Molino Quaglia. Molino Quagliais a family business that from 1914 has milled only the finest grains. It is currently the only industrial-sided Italian mill to have developed a modern stone-grinding process that uses the most advanced technologies for cleaning the grain of foreign bodies, weeds and mycotoxins, in a production environment that protects the flour from external contamination, all the way from the millstone to the sack.Our topping ingredients are the best we’ve found in Italy, such as DOP Mozzarella fior di latte di Agerola and DOP San Marzano tomatoes, and 90% of our ingredients come from Italy. We have two artisan ovens made for us in Italy following the traditional Neapolitan techniques and using only the best materials available: handmade bricks from Santa Maria, old pressed bricks from Salerno, turf stones, “Biscotto” baking floor from Sorrento and Vesuvius volcanic sand. Finally, our pizzaioli from Naples add their experience of almost 20 years – and their secrets.

ManCon:Why is the proving time so important?

Noi Quattro:Our dough contains the right amount of yeast and is slowly proved, which makes it really easy to digest. Our pizza cooks in less than 90 seconds but starts life at least 24 hours before. Time is the secret ingredient. Following the Neapolitan tradition, with the dough left at the end of the day, our pizzaioli make bread for the next day to use in the pizzeria, at The Pasta Factory, and to sell to our customers.

ManCon:Can you cook pizza in any old oven?

Noi Quattro:No. In order to obtain this type of pizza, a combination of a particular dough and a particular oven is needed. The shape, the material and the temperature (about 450 degrees) makes it possible to create this kind of pizza that cooks in less than 90 seconds.

Img 6456

ManCon:So once you’ve perfected the dough – how do you start deciding what toppings to use?

Noi Quattro:With regards to the topping, we didn’t want to invent anything special, we just wanted to follow the Neapolitan tradition. For this reason, you won’t find any pizza with pineapple or chicken, or sauces like mayo or ketchup.

ManCon:Is your house tomato sauce an old family recipe?

Noi Quattro:This is another misunderstanding: we don’t cook any sauce to put on the top of our pizza. In Italy nobody does that. We don’t cook the tomatoes, we don’t dress it with garlic or herbs. Traditionally, Italian pizzaioli use high-quality fresh Italian peeled tomatoes and squeeze them with their hands.

ManCon:But you don’t just make pizza from your special dough, do you? How else do you use it at NQ?

Noi Quattro:That’s true. Like in Naples, we also use our dough for some of our starters and desserts by frying it. Cuoppo is a cone-shaped paper that holds a mixture of delicacies – potato croquettes, vegetables, courgette flowers, mozzarella bocconcini and fluffy balls of dough called zeppoline – all cut and fried in a light and easily digestible batter. Cuoppo is a masterpiece of Italian street food. It’s made to be enjoyed while walking through the alleys of the city, passing balconies festooned with washing, or simply while waiting to order a pizza. We also make calzuncielli, a deep-fried calzone filled with tomato and mozzarella (also known as pizza fritta), and scugnizzielli – bites of fried dough served with top-quality ingredients such as 18-month-old Parma ham, buffalo mozzarella, burrata, etc.

ManCon:What else can you tell us about NQ’s authentic taste of Italy?

Noi Quattro:Apart from these great ingredients, we also import our beers and wine directly from microbreweries and vineyards in Italy to offer to our customers the best ratio of quality and priceon our drinks as well.

Sounds perfetto! Find out more here.

Img 7958 2
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New Northern Quarter pizzeria Noi Quattro Opens

Sunday, September 30th, 2018

With pride in being the only Manchester pizzeria run by Italians, despite the plethora of pizza places around the city, Noi Quattro opened its doors at the start of the month. Set in the heart of the Northern Quarter in between Mackie Mayor and Common, the restaurant has impressive heritage – as it is being owned by the same people who run The Pasta Factory on Shudehill.

Noi Quattro, 120 High Street, Manchester M4 1HQ, 0161 834 9032.

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Take a look inside Noi Quattro – Northern Quarter’s brand new pizzeria

Saturday, September 15th, 2018

And look…. proper Italians!

IT‘s a common misconception that to find the best pizza you must go to Italy. It’s a bit like eating sausages in Germany, or waffles in the Netherlands – never as good as you imagine it to be. The Italians might have invented pizza (though the Ancient Greeks have a fairly solid claim), but the best we’ve eaten has always been back here, in Manchester, in places like Rudy’s, Blend and Double Zero.

But then, we would say that, wouldn’t we?

So to Noi Quattro, Manchester’s newest pizzeria, located in Northern Quarter, which sees four young Italians – Elisa, Alberto, Paolo and Daniele – bring it to the Mancs with ‘real Italian pizza’ made by actual Italians with all Italian ingredients in Italian-made ovens on the border of Little Italy (that’s Ancoats). But in Manchester.

Now that’s autentico.

2018 10 20 Noi Quattro Img 7896
Noi Quattro boasts two wood-fired pizza ovens (and two happy pizzaiolos)

Having already carved out a reputation for hand making the city centre’s finest fresh pasta at the Pasta Factory, the four amici (Noi Quattro translates as ‘we four’) have turned their hands to Italy’s other main culinary export (not you Gino) in a new 100-cover restaurant space a short burrata throw from their original in Shudehill.

“Most of us actually live in the apartments above the pizzeria,” co-owner Elisa Cavigliasso tells us, “so we can never really leave work. We are the first people in and the last out. It’s exhausting but the only way to run a restaurant properly.”

Elisa hails from Turin in Northern Italy – as do Alberto and Paolo. She tells us that the idea for their second restaurant came about when Daniele, a Neapolitan, joined the team.

“He’s from Salerno, close to Naples, so obviously he loves pizza,” says Elisa. “Pizza in the south is very different to pizza in the north of Italy. Daniele started teaching us how to make real Neapolitan pizza: soft, light and chewy with a big crust. We were all missing the feel, the buzz of a true Italian pizzeria – so we thought ‘let’s just open our own’.

2018 10 20 Noi Quattro Img 7958
Noi Quattro promises ‘real Neapolitan pizza’ made by actual Italians

But with the likes of Rudy’s, Honest Crust, PLY, Dough and Slice all operating in the area, are they confident that they can pull in enough punters to get a healthy slice of that pizza pound?

“We’re not here to steal customers,” says Elisa, “there is a lot of competition, and some of it is very good, but I think there’s space for everybody. Manchester is exploding with people, it’s busy everywhere. We moved here five years ago and this corner of Northern Quarter has changed so much.”

And has Manchester’s most creative and idiosyncratic neighbourhood been kind to the four young Italians?

“It actually reminds us a lot of home, of an area in Turin called San Salvario, with its energy and cool bars and music. When our friends come to stay they go home and say we live in the San Salvario of Manchester – I think that’s why we are so comfortable here.”

2018 10 20 Noi Quattro Img 7913
Noi Quattro has a restaurant table surrounded by four swings… because why not?

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Noi Quattro, 120 High Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1HQ