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Here at Noi Quattro we are proud of our Italian heritage and we want to share it with you through the food we put on your plate.

We are four friends from Italy, and Noi Quattro means “us four”. It can also apply to our brand-new lunchtime special set menu, which has four fabulous pizzas to choose from: Marinara with tomatoes and fresh herbs, Margherita with mozzarella, Verdure Bio with mushrooms, peppers, courgettes and aubergine, and Spianata with spicy salami and chilli.

Served with an Italian-style salad and a bibite (soft drink) or half of draught birre, it’s just £10, Tuesday to Friday midday to 3pm.

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Fancy a pizza the Noi Quattro action but equally fancy a staycation and not venturing out today? No problemo at all – we’ve just launched a delivery service with Uber Eats, so you can now enjoy our full menu in the comfort of your own home. You’ll find all your favourite pizzas listed on the site, along with our cuoppi and stuzzichini antipasti dishes, and even our Italian-inspired desserts – the perfetto night in.

See our menu and order your pizza on UBER EATS:

Pizza Masterclass by Noi Quattro!

Learn the magic behind Neapolitan pizza making!

Our chefs will give you skills and tips to make a delicious artisan pizza from scratch. During the masterclass you will be shown how to make hand-stretched dough and you will use made in Italy high quality toppings. The “gran finale” will be by our famous shiny red oven where you will bake your pizza!

The class is suitable for all pizza lovers: from beginners to homemade pizza specialists.

The masterclass includes a welcome glass of prosecco, a “Noi Quattro” apron and bag.

Book your place and eat your own Neapolitan style pizza! Join with friends or maybe with your work team!

Next events are on:

Sunday, Aug 18, 3:00pm (Book it HERE)

Sunday, Sep 22, 3:00pm (Book it HERE)

Sunday, Oct 20, 3:00pm (Book it HERE)

Sunday, Nov 24, 3:00pm (Book it HERE)

Tickets are £40.00 per person.



Review by creativetourist.com

Noi Quattro

Noi Quattro, 120 High St, Manchester, M4 1HQ – Visit Now

Noi Quattro is a stylish, modern Italian pizzeria in the Northern Quarter. Very convenient for tram and bus transport, it is also nicely set off around a corner, making for a relaxing and intimate spot ideal for dates and well-earned lunch-breaks.

The Cuoppo di Mare was like fish and chips, but fresh and light

As well as serving fabulous, authentic pizza, Noi Quattro also specialises in Cuoppi, a street food consisting of fried pieces served in a paper cone. I went for the Cuoppo di Mare, the seafood version. This was like fish and chips, but fresh and light, served in a crisp batter. The portion was also extremely generous. In fact, the cone was a cornucopia of delight which kept on giving: here was a giant prawn, here was a squid, a school of whitebait fillets … the sea gave up its treasures and this diner was very happy.

Noi Quattro

The beer was also excellent, an Amarcord lager called Gradisca, vitalising and easy to drink.

A wonderful aroma came up to me from the moment the plate was set down on the table

Then came the pizza itself. This was the Vesuvio, a warm and friendly pizza of broccoli and sausage and chili served on a creamy bed of mozzarella. A wonderful aroma came up to me from the moment the plate was set down on the table. In all honesty, I’d have paid good money just for the dough. It’s a stretched, friendly dough; the kind of dough that makes normal bread seem boring and sad.

And somehow, despite the pizza being huge, this diner never felt stuffed. A spike of nice espresso at the end was it all took to stir me.

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Thinking pizza, wanting pizza, dreaming of pizza – try Noi Quattro and this will never go away :)

Noi Quattro Pizzeria was our venue of choice last week and we could happily eat it again, and again… give us more pizza! Such subtle marketing that we didn’t even realise that Noi Quattro’s initials are NQ. Guess where they’re based, in Northern Quarter. Nicely played guys!

Yes, we do realise that it means ‘the four of us’, so well played the four of you 🙂

It’s such an authentic place with proper Italian waiters and chefs, all with the lovely accent and attentiveness you would want. It even has Italian music in the background bringing back all the memories of Rome brb – off reminiscing

Ok, we’re back to tell you what we had, and it was all so amazing that they’re all our favourites. Even more so on the plus side, it caters to different dietary requirements of Vegetarians and Vegan;

Cuoppo Di Patate – A complete mix of potatoes, which is perfect for those of us that can never pick which to get. It had potato fries, potato slices, sweet potato fries and a dough ball – Bravissimo👌

Dall’orto Bio (with Mozzarella) – Fresh veggie frenzy pizza with a tomato base all made in a proper woodfire oven adding the right level of crispiness – Highly recommended!

Bufala & Pomodorini – If you don’t want a tomato base, not a problem. Just try the ‘Bianche’ options for which we got mozzarella and cherry tomatoes. Personally prefer a tomato base but we finished this off because it was so good and fresh
As much as it was fresh, it was fast providing the right level of service for our empty bellies. Love this place and am definitely going back

Recommendation Rating: HIGH
Price: ££
Service: 10/10

Noi Quattro – Pizzeria
120 High Street
M4 1HQ



Pizza treats without the meat at Noi Quattro

Vegan pizzas are go at Northern Quarter favourite

PLENTY of plant-based pizzas are on the menu at Noi Quattro, where authentic Neapolitan bases meet tasty toppings. It’s the place to head in the Northern Quarter for meat-free treats without lacking in authentic Italian taste.

Img 1008
Noi Quattro show latest vegan special ‘Superga’

Choices at Noi Quattro are updated regularly to get the best out of seasonal ingredients, and right now there are four vegan options on the main menu, and another one on the specials board. The Superga was the special when we last popped in – seeing a super-healthy combination of juicy portobello mushrooms, red radicchio leaves and mixed seeds added to the overnight-proved, Naples-style oven-fired dough, then drizzled with a truffle sauce and sprinkled with freshly chopped parsley.

Sticking with the mushrooms, we’re fans of the Tris di Funghi – porcinis, chestnuts and portobellos are teamed with garlic, extra virgin olive oil and genuine San Marzano DOP tomatoes, which crop up again on the Marinara alongside aromatic fresh basil and oregano. The Dall’orto Bio brings together organic grilled peppers, courgettes, aubergine and tomatoes for a bit of a Mediterranean vibe, and Avezzanese has roasted potatoes, roasted onions and rosemary.

Img 1018

There’s also lots to pick without meat or dairy from the piccoli antipastistarter choices. From the “Cuoppi” section of the menu, the Cuoppo di Terra is a streetfood-inspired vegetables, courgette flowers and zeppoline fritter dish, and the Cuoppo di Patate is a paper cone filled with chips, skin-on fries and sweet potato fries. From the “Stuzzichini” section, the Scugnizzielli and Verdure is a snack of bite-sized fried doughballs served with mixed grilled vegetables.

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Manchester’s best pizza restaurants and bars – by Manchester Evening News

The Italian pals behind Shudehill pasta restaurant The Pasta Factory know their dough – and now they’re proving it with their new pizzeria, Noi Quattro.

The Smithfield Square site serves a simple menu of Neapolitan pizza and cuoppi – cones full of fried street snacks found in the south of Italy.

Two giant, dual wood and gas fired ovens take pride of place in the open kitchen, blasting the slow-proved dough at 400°C for 60 to 90 seconds to give a chewy, charred crust.

The menu features a range of rosse (tomato-based) and bianche (white) pizzas, with toppings ranging from simple marinara and margherita to tris di funghi (San Marzano tomatoes, garlic, porcini, chestnut and portobello mushrooms) and montanara (mozzarella fior di latte, Italian sausage, wild broccoli and smoked scamorza cheese), plus plenty of vegan options.

Diners can sit at the ceramic-tiled counter to watch the pizzaioli at work or test their balance after a glass of wine on the swing-seat table at the centre of the restaurant – the most sought-after spot in the house.

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Noi Quattro – A Review by Daisy Grey

Manchester is slowly becoming renown for its Pizza. Whether you love classic Neapolitan pizza or pizza with a modern twist, Manchester has it all. The most infamous being Rudy’s Pizzeria. For a while they have been the kings of pizza in Manchester, but I’ve found somewhere, that definitely gives them a run for their money!

Noi Quattro is one of the newest additions to the Northern Quarter. It’s tucked away on High Street in between the Cat Cafe and Mackie Mayor in the modern part of the NQ.

Don’t let the modern outside fool you, inside they have managed to create a paired back and simple pizzeria with the concentration on good food. The menu is exactly what you would want from a Napoli style pizzeria, Cuoppi, Scugnizzielli and of course …Pizza!

Over the past couple of years my boyfriend and I have been lucky enough to try nearly all the pizza on offer in Manchester from Honest Crust, Purely Pizza to Rudy’s and I can safely say that Noi Quattro is one of the best!

Whilst it does offer classic Neapolitan pizza, one thing about Noi Quattro that gives them an edge over the rest is that they actually cater to Vegetarians. My boyfriend recently became a vegetarian and this unfortunately means that Rudy’s is no longer somewhere we can eat tougher, as they no longer offer the option of vegetarian mozzarella. Well, Noi Quattro thankfully does!

So, if your looking for a beautiful place to eat in the city centre, which is relaxed, affordable & delicious then make sure you stop by this gorgeous pizzeria.

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Where to find the best pizza in and around Manchester

It’s National Pizza Day – although surely every day is Pizza Day….

NEVER mind Valentine’s day, it seems to be pizza that we’ve all really fallen for. A recent survey has revealed that almost half UK take-away orders are pizza. But what is it about the relatively simple discs of dough, tomato sauce and mozzarella that make us so very happy?

Below we’ve put together a handy guide on where to find the best pizzas in and around town. Many have won awards, some have trained with the finest pizza chefs in Naples, and all are guaranteed to give carb-fuelled satisfaction.


This pizzeria, slightly hidden away in Northern Quarter, was opened last August by four young Italians – Elisa, Alberto, Paolo and Daniele. Having already carved out a reputation for hand making the city centre’s finest fresh pasta at The Pasta Factory, the four amici (Noi Quattro translates as ‘we four’) have turned their hands to Italy’s other main culinary export in a 100-cover restaurant space a short burrata throw from their original in Shudehill. “We were all missing the feel, the buzz of a true Italian pizzeria – so we thought ‘let’s just open our own’,” says Elisa.

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DOVE MANGIARE PIZZA – Pizza Locator – Blog

Noi Quattro – Pizzeria
Dal sito web:

“NOI QUATTRO simply means “the four of us”. Noi Quattro will be the first traditional PIZZERIA ITALIANA in Manchester owned and run by Italians. Four friends: Elisa, Alberto, Daniele and Paolo – hence the name.

The initials NQ is also a play on the name of the location of the restaurant; the Northern Quarter, a lovely area in Manchester city centre where we all live, and wanted to open our pizzeria.

Our goal is to bring the tradition and atmosphere of an authentic Italian pizzeria to Manchester! We strive to provide excellent service and have great communication with our customers. This is fundamental to us and forms an integral part of our daily procedures. We love high quality food and drinks. We love sharing stories about the people who produce food, beers and wine, and about where these products come from.“

Noi Quattro – Pizzeria si trova in 120 High St, Manchester M4 1HQ, Regno Unito


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