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Authentic Italian Pizzeria in NQ – Noi Quattro

Sunday, January 12th, 2020

The first traditional Pizzeria Italiana in Manchester

There are few pizza places in Manchester people will overwhelmingly recommend like Rudy’s and Double Zero. However, Noi Quattro is a rising star that S started to hear about when people were talking about places to get good pizza, and one of S’s Italian friends also highly recommend the pizza here. Noi Quattro is the first traditional pizzeria which is owned by 4 Italians. The name of Noi Quattro actually means 4 people in Italian, and it also cutely refers to the letters in Northern Quarter (NQ). The restaurant is located at the end of Northern Quarter and it’s just behind the Yard & Coop.

Authentic Italian Pizzeria in NQ - Noi Quattro

There was some construction going on when S visited that day, therefore it was a bit tricky to find their entrance. The restaurant is very spacious and can accommodate quite a lot of people. The cooking area is an open space and you can see the pizza-making process while you’re waiting. The menu can be found on their website, and Noi Quattro also provides vegan options. S tried the Cuoppo Di Mare (£6.5), Vesuvio (£12) and the vegan pizza, Tris Di Funghi (£10).

The Cuppo is a type of Italian street food which is a paper shaped in a cone holding various types of fried food; such as potatoes, vegetables, seafood and etc.. The Cuoppo Di Mare S had that day contained whitebait, calamari, salted cod and zeppoline. The batter was very light and not greasy at all. Moreover, the portion was perfect to share between 2 people as a starter.

Authentic Italian Pizzeria in NQ - Noi Quattro
Cuoppo Di Mare (£6.5)

The Vesuvio pizza contains Mozzarella fior di latte, Italian sausage, Friarielli (wild broccoli), smoked scamorza, fresh chilli and extra virgin olive oil. It was the first time S tried wild broccoli which didn’t taste like broccoli at all! The taste of this pizza was just like its name “Vesuvio” which had a good kick to it.

Authentic Italian Pizzeria in NQ - Noi Quattro
Vesuvio (£12)

S loves funghi pizza as always, and S has to say that the Tris Di Funghi was definitely some of the best funghi pizza S has had so far. The tomato taste didn’t cover the funghi which was very important. Moreover, the garlic gave this pizza a perfect touch since the funghi pizza usually come with truffle oil.

Authentic Italian Pizzeria in NQ - Noi Quattro
Tris Di Funghi (£10)

Overall, S would surely recommend this place if you want authentic pizza. Noi Quattro doesn’t just have pizza, they also have a wine club where you can check the latest events on their website. Don’t forget they have some very good lunch deals if you want to try it out! It is only £10 and you can get a pizza, salad and a drink during weekdays lunch time!

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Noi Quattro, 120 High Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M4 1HQ